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TikTok Data API

Scraping TikTok data through an API has never been so easy.

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What can you do with it

Real-time TikTok data via APIs

Our set of TikTok APIs allows you to get any data publicly available on TikTok:

  • User info
  • Post metadata
  • Videos
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Comments
  • New posts
  • share stats
  • Hashtags
  • Music info
  • Times/dates
  • Comment replies

Made for businesses that want to scale 🚀

We offer the most reliable and robust set of APIs to scrape large volumes of data from TikTok. No outdated data, no long lead times, no TikTok account needed.


Easy to use

Do a simple REST API call and get the data. As simple as that.

Check out our Python library!

Real time data

When you send a request, we perform the scraping in real time and retrieve the data in <5 seconds. No outdated information



Have some specific request? We are happy to customize the API to better suit your needs!

Why use the TikTok API 👨‍💻

At EnsembleData we strive to provide the best TikTok scraper APIs. Here are some reason you should give it a try

  • Scrape TikTok data without an account: Use our TikTok API to extract large amount of data from TikTok without having to login in the app. With our scraping APIs you can extract large amount of data without getting blocked.
  • Get followers, comments, hashtags and much more from TikTok: Fetch all the public data through our TikTok API, such as user profiles, followers, videos or posts. With our Scraping API, you can also scrape TikTok data using Python.
  • Robust TikTok data scraper: Scrape data from TikTok without worrying about downtime, platform changes or getting blocked. Our TikTok scraper APIs are robust to platform changes and updates.

Common use cases 🎯

With a great TikTok data scraper, the options are infinite. But here are some of the most common use cases of our customers.

  • Extract user information: Use our TikTok API to fetch all the information of an user. With our TikTok scraper you can extract the posts, followers, and much more.
  • Monitor an hashtag: With just a call per day you can monitor an hashtag or a trend using our posts TikTok API. We constantly monitor our TikTok scraper APIs, so you don't need to worry about any downtime.
  • Find new profiles: By searching for posts from a keyword, looking at someone's followers or a posts comments you can find new profiles targeted to your needs.

How to scrape TikTok data ⛏️

It is super easy to extract data from TikTok using our TikTok Scraper APIs. Here's how:

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