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Unveil the treasure trove of insight with Instagram Data Scraping

10 October 2023
Andrea Ramazzina
Chief Scientist Officer

In our digital business world, businesses and marketers always search for new ways to gain an edge and stay ahead of the competition. But most professionals understand the golden rule: social media can help businesses achieve success. At least 86% of business leaders will admit that social media shapes their marketing strategies.

In truth, marketers have a unique opportunity to take social media data and improve their businesses’ products or services. Imagine having the key to the countless secrets in Instagram’s treasure trove of data any time you want. With over a billion monthly active users, businesses can use Instagram data scraping to tap into an endless supply of their audience’s interests and behaviors.

No more relying on manually collected data that barely scratches the surface. It’s time to tap into the vault of Instagram data and unlock your brand’s potential.

What is Instagram Scraping?

Instagram scraping allows marketers to pull massive datasets from the platform. Data scraping may be a sensitive topic, but it’s legal in public spaces.

To get the valuable information they need, companies use tools like:

  • Web Scrapers

  • Email Solutions

  • Document Parsing Tools

  • Data Collection Software

Instagram data scrapers want information on profiles, comments, hashtags, and posts to uncover patterns on the social platform. But Instagram scraping offers the unfiltered insights that dissolve the blurry obstructions from surface-level data. A popular data extraction method uses Python to scrape data from Instagram.

Collecting Data on Instagram

Instagram data extraction reaps several kinds of data from the platform. Valuable data can come from:

  • Users Likes

  • Post Shares

  • Comments

  • Profile Followings

  • Users and Their Followers Count

  • Popular Hashtags

With Instagram data extraction, marketers can use the diverse data to draw more informed conclusions about the platform’s users. Can businesses design billboards, record radio ads, or use past sales to inform their plans? Sure, they could, but then their business wouldn’t stick around very long if they did.

Why Do Marketers Want Data From Instagram?

Can you remember the last time you answered a call from a number you didn’t recognize? Do you remember when a billboard or radio ad made you want to buy something? You can’t remember, can you?

Then, imagine spending millions of dollars on a marketing plan with outdated data from these traditional routes. You wouldn’t, and it doesn’t make sense for Nike or Starbucks either because it’s too risky. More than 80% of marketers make their decisions based on data.

But how can businesses get insight into their customers without doing it manually? Fortunately, data-driven marketing lets companies access a treasure trove of data from:

  • Public Websites

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Customers’ Smartphone

The best part is that data-driven marketing is much cheaper, and businesses can spend less money. But, one issue eventually gets in the way: data privacy. New data privacy laws don’t allow companies to gather data.

If they can, then customers can opt out of sharing their information.

Instagram: The Social Media Data Treasure Trove

Even though strict privacy laws exist, data scraping from social media platforms like Instagram is legal. It’s a blessing in disguise as the social platform continues to grow and has since 2020. In 2023, Instagram’s global user base jumped from 1 billion to 1.35 billion, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

For B2B businesses, adopting Instagram scraping tools to convert social media data is a no-brainer. They can transform their marketing campaigns from guessing games to successful campaigns.

The Benefits of Instagram Data Extraction for Marketers

Businesses and startups that take that leap of faith to make money. A constant income stream might seem like enough for brands to know they are doing something right, but it’s not. Data-driven marketing needs information from:

  • Customer Behavior and Interests: The idea is to find what users like and how these preferences change over time. Businesses can also see common pain points through Instagram data and demonstrate how their offerings fix the problem.

  • Improved Marketing Tactics That Boost ROI: Understanding customer insights guides marketing strategies. With real-time data points, companies remain flexible and align with user needs.

  • The New Partnership Opportunities: Instagram data scraping reveals social media influencers with similar interests and power over your demographics. Despite people losing trust in influencers over the years, it’s a $21.1 billion industry.

  • Predicted Trends in the Data: With customer data, the next trend isn’t a mystery. Now, companies can go all-in during marketing campaigns or pull back when there’s blood in the water.

Instagram data extraction is like a compass for navigating the digital marketing landscape. Instead of casting a wide net with bland marketing content, businesses can use granular data to sharpen their strategies with razor precision.

Consider this: If you see what’s driving a popular hashtag, you know how to align the business with what people care about. It also has much to do with the timing of a post. Having great converting content will only matter if you post it when your viewers are online.

A post that goes live when users are active could mean the difference between a flurry of engagement and falling flat. So, extracting data from Instagram will help you find the best time to post for maximum engagement. In case you’re wondering, it’s 11:00 AM on a Wednesday.

Using Social Proof and Boosing Trust

The power of Instagram data extraction highlights more chances to identify social proof and build trust within the audience. A study showed that 83% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. Imagine finding an influencer within your target audience who already loves your brand.

You could grow a partnership to expand your reach and gain more followers. Fueled by Instagram data extraction, your decisions increase growth and forge stronger emotional connections with social media users. But things always sound better when you some have data to back them up.

The L’Oreal Group used data scraping with Clarabridge to close the gap between themselves and their followers. L’Oreal knew that selling to retailers made it impossible to reach its potential customers directly. Using Clarabridge, they built a virtual hub to organize data.

They studied customer sentiment by:

  • Analyzing Tweets

  • Reading Social Media Posts

  • Responding to Product Reviews

While the data isn’t available, L’Oreal transformed how it uses brand awareness and loyalty. Data scraping also reveals how important it is to respond to every review of a product or service.

Final Thoughts

With Instagram scraping, businesses can get personal with their followers and create memorable experiences that build trust and loyalty. Like L’Oreal, companies can use data scraping to transform their marketing efforts. At EnsembleData, we encourage companies to use Instagram data scraping to tap into a solid data source for marketing.

Our Instagram Scraping API is a flexible method that takes advantage of Instagram data. EnsembleData lets you engage in social listening from 160 countries to get real-time data and nurture stronger connections. Don’t just follow the trends - let the trends follow your business.

Contact us or visit our blog to discover how to plan your next successful marketing campaign.