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Monitor Hashtags
Find Profiles
Sentiment Analysis
Discover New Users
Brand Monitoring
Social Listening
Analyse Influencers
Discover Trends
User Profiling

Use cases by Industry

Track Hashtags
Get the latest posts for any hashtag, in real time and across multiple Social Media.
Discover Trends
Keep track of trends over time, while also discovering the latest trends effortlessly.
Analyse Profiles
Go in depth on any user you want to analyse, getting all its public posts.
Monitor Companies
See what other companies' social profiles are publishing in real time, and how people react to it.
Scan Online Sentiment
Analyse sentiment towards different topics over time and across different platform.
Business Intelligence
Effortlessly retrieve large volumes of data and and leverage it to create unique insights.
Discover New Talents
Find thousands of new emerging talents, see what they are posting and how people are reacting to it.
Track Users
Analyse and monitor Content Creators, see if they are getting more followers, or if their if their engagement is increasing.
Analyse Trends
Stay up-to-date to the latest trend, be it a TikTok challenge or an Instagram hashtag.
Monitor Campaings
Analyse in real time how a Marketing Campaign is performing across different channels and users.
Find What Works
Study what kind of content works best and what doesn't, and what kind of engagement it's getting.
Predict user reach
Estimate how many people will see and interact with the post of a certain user, across different platforms.
Sentiment analysis
By analysing the words and language used in social media posts about a business, analysts can get a sense of the overall sentiment towards them. This can help businesses understand how they are perceived by their audience and identify areas for improvement.
Market research
Social media data can be a valuable source of information for businesses looking to understand their market and their competition. By analysing data from social media platforms, businesses can get a sense of what their audience is interested in and what their competitors are doing.
Identifying influencers
Social media data can be used to identify influential users who are particularly active in sharing and promoting a business's content. These users can be valuable partners for businesses looking to expand their reach and engagement.

We have been using Ensemble Data APIs for the past two years and I am extremely satisfied with the reliability, ease of integration, and scalability of the service. The APIs have consistently delivered fast and accurate responses, even when dealing with large volumes of data.

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